Joel Lyons, CEO of Lyons Cleaners, Introduces TLCOM Students to Textile Restoration

Students learning to ‘take off’ via Hyde-Park based program

Kimberly McGrew
Special to the Tri-State Defender

For some students and young adults in the Hyde Park neighborhood, the thought of one day flying an airplane or inventing a process that leads to them creating a business is a lot more real because of a program offered by Transformational Living Centers of Memphis.

Transformational Living Centers of Memphis (TLCOM) is a non-profit organization based in Hyde Park. It concentrates on empowering youth for a positive society. An open door greets children; however, young adults are welcomed, as well as those recently out of incarceration.

Michael Graham, the executive secretary for TLCOM, has a vision of restoring his childhood neighborhood (Hyde Park) to what he said it used to be 20 years ago. He wants to see young men with children being good fathers. He wants them to pull up their pants and usher in a return to the way African-American males once wore their clothes (shirts, ties and Stacey Adam boots).